Why did you start Mission AF?

I used to work for a large management company and I saw a need for smaller management companies to have an accounting department without having to pay the overhead for an in-house accounting department.

What makes you different than other companies that provide back office accounting?

Our team goes that extra mile for our clients. We work with the board of directors to answer questions they may have regarding the financial or other processes like handling homeowner payments or vendor payments. We also will answer the homeowner’s questions regarding their assessment accounts. Making sure they know all their options for making payments.

Why should a management company or onsite managed property use your services?

Because we know how to provide the top quality service at fair price without nickel and diming them to death with fees. We hold the clients hand through the transition to make it at smooth as possible without causing undo stress.

What do people get when they sign up with your company?

They get a staff that has been in the business collectively over 50 years. That works together as a team to provide the best service possible. We are always working with our team to make sure everyone is working together towards the end goal which is a satisfied customer.

How do you use technology to be more efficient?

We upgrade our technology constantly to make sure we are the most efficient and effective. As well as making sure we are covered from loss of data or data breach.

We are a non-CPA firm. For inquiries or proposals please email us at: [email protected]